So hello Live Journal long time no see. I'm more of a Facebook kidda girl (wanna add just ask I'm sure we can arrange something LOL) now but just lately sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much drama over nothing these days that is why I'm retreating to the safety that is JL. I've been looking back ( with fond memories...... not always) over my OLD OLD Live Journal post and thought to myself Wow LJ and the people who live there have been with me through a lot of major and life change events as well as having good and funny times. I am cotton headed ninny muggings for letting this fall by the waste side. So as the saying goes I'M THINKING ABOUT GETTTING THE GANG BACK TOGETHER.
Things that are going on right now...... Nothing much still plodding along with life as an unemployed bum. I'm kidding..... not about the unemployed just the bum part.
I'm still keeping myself busy with the stories and YES I AM STILL WORKING ON MY ZOMBIE STORY. I was shocked to find that I have been working on that since 2011. However I know that I and the characters are in the final countdown so please go read. What else................................................................... thinking....................

Oh I don't know all you need to know that I'm going to keep up my LJ and I hope there is anybody left out there who still wants to come along.
In the mean time here is a MEME first done in 2008 ( does anybody remember this one) I wanted to redo this one cuz I had the most fun with this one before and for some reason thinking about it. At the bottom is the 2008 answers.


NO repetitions
Pick any celebrity or fictional character for each response
Tag three people
or in my case steal it !!!!!

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After the enjoyment I had last year of sending out the Christmas cards ( and one postcard lol) to you guys on Live Journal I had hoped to repeat the same gesture this year. But due to me trying to basically get my life on some kind of right track and make 2014 a better year I have missed the last postal dates, which I am gutted about. I've know a lot of you for a while though I'm not here as often as I use to be I still consider you as pen pals also I don't want to come across as some bitch who only did it the once. I'm sure perhaps I can think of something to do in the new year once Christmas is over and the post is back to normal( any ideas to start me off)
Lots of love
Amanda aka imationrain
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